Skills & Technical Courses

Course Overview


AHASA offers a wide range of technical skills courses in crop production, including but not limited to soil preparation, crop management, produce grading and safe application of agrochemicals. These courses are tailored according to the specific need of farmers, farm workers, scholars or other clients.


After completing one of the following courses individuals will be well equipped to integrate into any related agricultural industry.

Skills and Technical courses:

Courses Credit
Soil preparation and management 8
Pecan and Macadamia production and processing 8
Bee management and honey production 8
Permaculture production and management 8
Water and irrigation management 8
Harvesting of specific crops 8
Determine produce grade: Wheat 8
Determine produce grade: Maize 8
Determine produce grade: Dry beans 8
Aquaculture and Aquaponic production 8
Hydroponic production and management 8
Cleaning, processing and milling of grain products 8
Recommendation and sale of agrochemical products 8
Safe application of agrochemicals 8
Agri-eco tourism 8

All specially designed courses are in alignment with accredited SAQA unit standards.

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