About Us

AHASA is an affiliated academy of the International Agricultural Academy for Africa, focusing on industry based agronomy and horticulture qualifications.


Our Story

The Agronomy and Horticulture Academy for Southern Africa provides an online learning environment for students that want to learn about different aspects of crop production from our unique programs. It allows students to study at their own pace from different geographical and socio-economic backgrounds.

Who we are

A private agricultural academy providing industry aligned qualifications in agronomy and horticulture.

Vision & Mission Statement

The leading source of industry driven plant production education to ensure food security for Africa.

Mission statement

“Education is the key to success.”

Our Strategic Goal

We provide facilitators with ethical values who are passionate about improving the lives of everyone who participates in our programmes.
We offer cost-effective solutions to individuals, communities and companies.
We provide relevant and solution-based learning material that will support and enable individuals, communities and companies to prosper.

Our Core Values

  • Promote holistic and sustainable crop production in southern Africa.
  • Provide an interactive and integrated academic e-platform to enable an academy of excellence, driven by the crop production industry.
  • Promote international responsible production standards of crops and soil health.
  • Link southern African farmers and students to the local and international crop industry.
  • Provide online technical- and economical advisory services and information to the crop production industry of southern Africa.