National Diploma in Plant Production

Course Overview


The Diploma in Plant Production course presented by AHASA aims to equip individuals with a holistic mindset in crop production. During the course, students can specialise in dry land crops, irrigated crops, vegetable crops and fruits. The course also trains individuals on different aspects of crop production ranging from soil science to advanced molecular technologies used in the agricultural industry. Additional course content is included to ensure students are exposed to the latest developments in industry. The curriculum also focuses on sustainable crop production practices within a Sustainable Land Management (SLM) environment.


Students will learn theoretical basics of biology, chemistry and physics before moving on towards more advanced units in crop production. They will then have the opportunity to build both theoretical and practical knowledge and experience in different aspects of crop production, including but not limited to soil preparation, crop management and principles of sustainability.

After completing this course individuals will be well equipped to integrate into any part of the agricultural industry.

Course Units

First Year

Unit Credit
Communication 20
Statistics I 4
Chemistry & Physics 8
Plant Biology 12
Soil Sciences 8
Agricultural Management I 14

-Pecan & Macadamia Production and Processing
-BEE Management and Honey Produciton
-Premaculture Production and Management
-Agri Eco Tourism


Second Year

Unit Credit
Permaculture Systems 4
Irrigation  12
Agricultural Management II 14
Agronomy & Horticulture I 20


– Determine produce grade: Wheat
– Determine produce grade: Maize
– Determine produce grade: Dry beans
– Aquaculture and Aquaponic production
– Hydroponic production and management
– Cleaning, processing and milling of grain products
– Recommendation and sale of agrochemical products


Upon successful completion of the National Diploma: Plant Production, students can enrol for a Bachelor Agriculture degree in the same field.

Key Information For Application

NQF Level 5
Cost 28 000 ZAR/Year 
Duration 2 Year
Requirements National Senior Certificate (Grade 12)



  • Farmer
  • Junior Farm Manager
  • Farm Manager
  • Agricultural Product Representative
  • Agricultural Consultant
  • Agricultural Sales Representative
  • Agricultural Technician

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